Eat Street: Dunk the Dignitary



The Mackay Hospital Foundation's "Dunk the Dignitary" will be at the next Eat Street Food Fest #3 at Harrup Park, 17th December 2016 from 3.30pm.

We are fundraising with the help of our local community members:-

1. Greg Williamson (Mayor, Mackay City Council)
2. Tim Mulherin (Chairman, Mackay Hospital & Health Service Board)
3. Michael Jones (General Manager, Harrup Park Country Club and Chairman, Mackay Hospital Foundation)
4. Craig Doyle (CEO, Mackay City Council)
5. Cr. Ross Gee (Councillor, Mackay City Council)

What is Dunk the Dignitary? We will have a dunking machine, filled with water and YOU can dunk our dignitaries...  If you have a good aim!   They will each sit on the dunking machine at Eat Street however, our community delegates need some help along the way. You can help them fundraise via this link

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